1995 Yamaha Pacifica: finished and ready to rock!

The guitar is finished and ready to rock your socks off! I am very happy with the result and the preliminary tests are very conclusive! The guitar has great tone, sustain and many tonal possibilities thanks to the Clapton preamp, the Fender TBX and the Alpha pot wired as a "bridge adder" which give a couple of very cool options: all 3 pickups and bridge and neck on top of the 5 standard positions found on Stratocasters... The Dimarzio Area 58, 61 and 67 noiseless pickups do a great job... The medium jumbo EVO frets take this guitar to a whole new level and the contoured heel has greatly improved the access to the upper frets... I really think it is a job well done and I look forward to have Luis play his guitar and give me his opinion! I am editing the videos right now but it will be a while because there's lots of footage! Check out the "before" and "re-assembly" photos!
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