1995 Yamaha Pacifica: re-assembly

After sanding the body and neck with 1000 grit sandpaper and polishing them with 2 types of rubbing compounds it was time to re-assemble this beauty! Since I double checked the fit of all parts before painting I had no surprise and everything went back together smoothly... The wiring diagram provided to me by Tom of TFN Technologies was perfect and I had no issues... I know some people will jump at the sight of the painted neck pocket but I was aware of the arguments of purists regarding the neck pocket surface being bare wood for a better transfer of tone... After assembling the guitar I gave it to 3 different people to play and the comments were unanimous: the guitar has great tone and great sustain... Would it be better without the paint in the neck pocket? I am not so sure about this! Does it make a difference? It probably does but not on this type of guitar... Of course there are many arguments regarding this subject but trust me, this guitar sounds very good! The 16 mm ferrules worked perfect and the contoured heel is very comfortable... Stay tuned for the videos and don't forget to check out the "before" and "after" photos!
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