Custom made left handed Maestro Lyre Vibrola comb

It took a whole lot of work but it is finally done! This is without a doubt one of a kind and it will make my lefty Epiphone Firebird an extremely rare and awesome guitar... Other than the fact the comb has now the proper left handed configuration, it is also made from high quality steel as opposed to the cheap zinc alloy that Gibson and Epiphone use on their guitars... I don't know yet how much of a difference it makes in terms of tone and sustain but it has to make a difference since almost all high quality tremolo blocks on Stratocasters are made from steel so it seems logical it would also be the case with the Maestro Vibrola... When the time comes I will do some extensive testing and compare it to the stock zinc comb...In the meantime check out the photos and expect an article very soon and a video too!
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lefty-maestro-lyre-vibrola-gibson-comb-001 lefty-maestro-lyre-vibrola-gibson-comb-002 lefty-maestro-lyre-vibrola-gibson-comb-003 lefty-maestro-lyre-vibrola-gibson-comb-004 lefty-maestro-lyre-vibrola-gibson-comb-005 lefty-maestro-lyre-vibrola-gibson-comb-006 lefty-maestro-lyre-vibrola-gibson-comb-007 lefty-maestro-lyre-vibrola-gibson-comb-008 lefty-maestro-lyre-vibrola-gibson-comb-009 lefty-maestro-lyre-vibrola-gibson-comb-010 lefty-maestro-lyre-vibrola-gibson-comb-011 lefty-maestro-lyre-vibrola-gibson-comb-012 lefty-maestro-lyre-vibrola-gibson-comb-013 lefty-maestro-lyre-vibrola-gibson-comb-014 lefty-maestro-lyre-vibrola-gibson-comb-015 lefty-maestro-lyre-vibrola-gibson-comb-016 lefty-maestro-lyre-vibrola-gibson-comb-017 lefty-maestro-lyre-vibrola-gibson-comb-018 lefty-maestro-lyre-vibrola-gibson-comb-019 lefty-maestro-lyre-vibrola-gibson-comb-020 lefty-maestro-lyre-vibrola-gibson-comb-021 lefty-maestro-lyre-vibrola-gibson-comb-022 lefty-maestro-lyre-vibrola-gibson-comb-023 lefty-maestro-lyre-vibrola-gibson-comb-024 lefty-maestro-lyre-vibrola-gibson-comb-025