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Welcome to “My Guitars” section! Any guitar lover knows that once you start collecting guitars, you can never stop! I believe a guitar should not only be playable but also beautiful, very much like a Ferrari is a high performance automobile but also gorgeous… Click on thumbnails to view complete article about each guitar.

Jag-O-Caster hand built custom guitar by Top Gear Guitar

Custom hand built electric guitar

This magnificent guitar was entirely hand built!

Brian Jones Vox Teardrop MKIII left handed, built by Phantom Guitar Works USA

vox tear drop brina jones rolling stones

High quality reproduction of Brian Jones' Vox Teardrop MKIII guitar

Left handed Epiphone Les Paul 100 in cherry sunburst

epiphone les paul 100 in cherry sunburst

Inexpensive yet excellent Epiphone Les Paul 100

Left handed Fender Telecaster in sunburst color

fender telecaster left handed sunburst

Fender Telecaster left handed in sunburst finish

Left handed 2000 Fender Stratocaster

lefty fender stratocaster 2000 made in mexico

Gorgeous black Fender Stratocaster made in 2000

Left handed 1998 Fender Stratocaster MIM (made in Mexico)

left handed fender stratocaster

Stay tuned for some serious mods on this Strat!

Left handed Epiphone Sg-400 cherry red

left handed epiphone firebird sg 400

One of my favorite guitars! Great action, great color!

Left handed Epiphone Firebird built in the year 2000

left handed epiphone firebird

A mint condition lefty Firebird with gold hardware