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Who is Werewolf Pat?

Hello everyone, and welcome to my guitar and music blog! I got into guitars when I was about 15 and immediately fell in love with the Vox Teardrop model that Rolling Stones guitarist Brian Jones was using… At the time I knew nothing about this guitar except that it was very cool looking and somewhat unusual! What I also didn’t know is that Brian’s guitar was a prototype made for him by Vox according to his specifications… I went to a local guitar shop and asked if I could get this guitar but left-handed! The owner of the shop started laughing stating that such a guitar is a collector’s item and to his knowledge there was never a left handed version of this particular model! He was actually right but I nevertheless vowed to get me one someday! After saving up $600 (a lot of money in 1983) I bought an Aria Pro II RS, lefty model and started practicing like crazy but I couldn’t afford to buy an amplifier so I got really discouraged and sort of gave up but made the promise to myself that one day I would start again…

In 1986, I moved to USA, to Santa Barbara, California and I stayed there for 15 years! I had a dream job, restoring antique cars for a very wealthy man, strictly working on his private collection of cars, motorcycles, vintage Coke machines, pinball machines etc… During those years I developed many skills in metal fabrication, welding, machining, bodywork and painting but I lost interest in my job and decided to become a photographer! I became the assistant of one of the best architectural photographers in USA and thanks to him I was able to travel the world, staying in exclusive hotels and resorts that we were commissioned to photograph!

In 2001, I moved to Prague, Czech Republic, a city I fell in love with during a work assignment and I have been there ever since! In March of 2010 I underwent massive maxillo-facial surgery and the weeks prior to the actual surgery made me realize my own mortality and how time is worth more than gold! I looked at my past and the things I missed out on and decided that if I survived the surgery I would take a leap back into the past and bring back the things I really loved! One of them was electric guitar so 2 weeks before my surgery I commissioned a very talented luthier in San Diego, California, to build me a dream guitar… Originally I was going to ask him to build me a Vox Teardrop but exactly at that moment I discovered that someone in Oregon was building those on order and was offering a lefty version! With this in mind I decided to blend 2 of my favorite guitars into one awesome axe: the Strato-Jag, a mix between a Fender Stratocaster and a Fender Jaguar! After going back and forth with Dan at Top Gear Guitar in San Diego we finalized the specs and he started to build this beauty! Fortunately for me surgery went very well and I not only survived but also recovered without any complications… After a couple of weeks of rest and coming to the realization that my custom guitar was going to take much longer than I was expecting I decided to buy a cheap one locally to start practicing.

I went to a huge store in Prague and much to my surprise they had an unsold Epiphone Les Paul 100 lefty demo for $250! I knew the name Epiphone but I had no idea what they were worth in terms of quality etc… for $250 I decided I had nothing to lose and to just walk into a store and find a lefty for that price I’d be a fool not to get it! After bringing it home and checking it out, I noticed that it was actually a very nice instrument! I was very surprised by the quality of the wood and finish! The neck was very comfortable and it sounded pretty good! Obviously a guitar that cheap cannot be perfect so I put it under the microscope to find out what could be improved… Believe it or not this guitar didn’t need much to be very good! I started by changing the nut for a high quality one and that alone improved the tuning stability of the instrument… Then I started looking on Ebay for quality used parts and found a set of mint Dimarzio D-Activators for $45!!! During my Ebay searches I came across a very nice lefty Mexican Strat and I ended up buying it for $160! For some odd reason lefty guitars on Ebay are much cheaper than right-handed ones, sometimes half the price! It is strange considering that not so long ago lefty guitars were 10 % more expensive, sometimes even more! I guess there must not be big demand for used lefty guitars… Once I received the guitar, I looked at it very closely and again I was blown away by the quality! I did some more research and I discovered that in many instances, Mexican Strats are just as good as their American counterpart and when they are not, it doesn’t take much to make them even better and for a fraction of the cost! One thing leading to another I decided to create this blog to show how you can turn a dull, decent or good axe into a shredding beast! I hope you find this blog useful and interesting and I am always looking forward to constructive comments! Best regards. Patrick