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A few months back I decided to start creating my own guitars but I just couldn’t do what everybody else is doing, namely reproducing Stratocasters or Les Pauls! Although I came up with a pretty decent design of my own, I went ahead and followed up on a dream I had when I was 16: to create my own Teardrop guitar… One wasn’t enough so I made 2 very distinct models. I really worked on the shape to make sure the proportions look good but the real challenge was designing the neck thru Teardrop. The main requirements were that the guitar has 24 frets and that all frets be easily accessible. I also wanted to create my own tailpiece and use 3 mini humbuckers from Lollar pickups. The result is a truly one of a kind but also excellent guitar! Here are the specs:
– 5 ply neck thru construction made from Wenge and maple
– maple body
– ebony fret board with EVO frets
– custom head stock with 4 up and 2 down Hip Shot tuners
– 3 Lollar mini humbuckers
– Custom made tailpiece, laser cut and machined form a piece of steel
– Bridge is from Graph Tech
– Pick guard is custom designed and water cut from a piece of aluminum

Custom-bridge Custom-headstock Teardrop-neck-thru Teardrop-neck-thru-body

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    Richard Prokopchuk Says:

    I’ve wanted a Vox teardrop since I was 16…back around 1968. I considered building one but have never gotten to it. Thanks for showing us this

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