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As usual it started with a simple enough concept: new pickups, new hardware, a paint job and ready to shred! But then, Jack, the owner brought his Ibanez for comparison, Soon enough it was clear that I was getting involved in some serious work because as he listed the things he didn’t like about his BC Rich, I realized it was going to be a challenge! Don’t get me wrong, this BC Rich is already an excellent guitar, lots of great features for the price but Jack wanted a few specific things. First of he wanted to shave material off the body as much as possible and he also wanted the neck to be thinner, much like Ibanez… Keep in mind that Ibanez uses titanium rods to keep their thinner neck from twisting and warping so merely trying to copy Ibanez would not work… I took some measurements and after consulting with Jack we decided to push this project to its limit so I went ahead and removed 8 mm from the back of the guitar and the neck! I built a fixture for my router to enable me to skate across the guitar’s back and remove exactly what I needed. The neck was reshaped by hand using a rasp, sanding blocks, different grades of sandpaper and of course a caliper to monitor the progress. I went as far as I could and the result was very satisfying. It was time for body work so I used polyester body filler when necessary and sprayed 2 coats of Duratec polyester clear to seal the wood and fill pinholes etc… Once sanded, I applied several coats of black auto paint, sanded the guitar with water and 600 grit paper and prepared for artwork…


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