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I had the great privilege of being invited at the Rickenbacker factory in Santa Ana, California and interview Ben Hall, the factory’s general manager. Ben let us walk around and film every step of the construction of Rickenbacker guitars and bass guitars which are an integral part of the rock legend of the 60’s… Many famous musicians have used Rickenbacker instruments through the years including The Beatles, The Byrds, The Rolling Stones, U2, Tom Petty, the list goes on and on… In addition to building high quality instruments Rickenbacker also performs restoration services for famous artists… In fact you will be able to see before and after footage of the restoration of Motorhead’s Lemmy Kilmister veteran bass guitar… The result is astonishing… Rickenbacker will soon resume production of left handed guitars and I intend to get one!

Rickenbacker Guitars factory tour and more!

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    Greg Kaz Says:

    Rickenbacker is one of the least lefty friendly guitar companies on Earth. I phoned and asked about getting a couple of lefty Aric’s and they told me they were not interested in any orders, even after I asked about a custom shop order for which I would pay. They said no thanks. I said well if I was Paul McCartney what would you say and I was told’You ain’t so were are not interested. So thanks for telling me that the only way to get my old lefty Ric restored I need to get famous. Not friendly at all…

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