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After sanding and polishing by hand the body and neck, it was time for re-assembly… Everything went back together smoothly and no issues were encountered… The wiring diagram from TFN Technologies was perfect and very clear, once again Tom did a fantastic job with the diagram! at the time of the photos I was still waiting for my home made jack plate to be back from anodizing… the original plate was too small and the screw holes were dangerously close to the bore in the body… I made one from aluminum and TIG welded it together with my ESAB Caddy Tig 2200 AC/DC welder and sent it out for anodizing along with a bunch of parts from a bicycle… The result really sucked so I had to resort to flat black paint, see finished photos… I will have to find a better company for my anodizing needs in the future!

yamaha pacifica custom electric guitar

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