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When my friend and guitar teacher Luis told me about his frustration trying to find a good guitar at a decent price I immediately advised him to keep his Yamaha and modify it to get exactly what he wants… Anyone shopping for a guitar knows that you have to try a lot of them before finding something suitable… For example, I have 5 Stratocasters and they all sound different so imagine when you go to a shop and there are hundreds of guitars! Besides, his Yamaha Pacifica has soul! He’s had it for 15 years and traveled all over the world with it… Of course 15 years of hard playing put a toll on his instrument but after close inspection, nothing that cannot be resolved… Luis likes the vintage Stratocaster sound so I turned him on to the Dimarzio Area pickups… He listened to a few samples and fell in love with the combo 58, 61, 67… That being the starting point we kept going back and forth to figure out what other features Luis was interested in… After Luis tried a few of my guitars he decided on a few more cool things such as EVO frets, Clapton pre-amp, HipShot tuners etc… Don’t forget to read the full article!

Werewolf Pat talks about a 1995 Yamaha Pacifica that is in serious need of a pimpin’!

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