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Al Farnell specializes in composite guitar bodies. He uses high tech epoxies and foams, not to be confused with plastic! Making such guitar bodies is not easy and requires a lot of research, trial and error, modifications etc… I must say I was impressed with the quality of his guitars because they look great, are very light but are also very comfortable to play… The concept is very interesting and not only his guitars are really lightweight but they sound excellent… He uses a lot of proven parts such as Gotoh tuners, bridges, Graph Tech nuts, Sperzel tuners, EMG active pickups etc… As of now his guitar necks are standard wood construction but he told me he has been experimenting with composite necks but wants to retain a wood fingerboard and probably switch to stainless steel frets… We wish Al great success and look forward to the next Farnell guitars!

Al talks about his composite guitar bodies and his plans for the future!

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