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I ordered this incredible guitar from Phantom Guitar Works in USA… It is a left handed version of the famous Brian Jones Vox Teardrop Mark III, an electric guitar that became the epitome of Rock legend of the Sixties! Vox built 4 prototypes of this particular model based on Brian’s feedback and some of his requirements were for only 2 pickups with the bridge pickup mounted as close to the bridge as possible, one tone and one volume, a 3 way switch and the head stock was to be painted white, like the body… The result is a surprisingly awesome guitar with sort of a Fender Telecaster sound plus of course its own totally far out design! Phantom Guitar Works owns the trademarks for some of the classic Vox guitars of the 60’s and the owner Jack Charles is a great guy to deal with… They offer a wide range of Vox reproduction guitars and they are of much higher quality than the original Vox and much cheaper too! I am so pleased with their product that I already ordered another Teardrop but this time it will be a lefty Triburst hollow body model with a tremolo… As of this writing only 5 left handed units will be made and mine is the second so it means only 3 are left!!! If you are left handed and have around $1100 I strongly suggest you contact Jack Charles and get one before it is too late! Why spend more than 3 grand on a Gibson ES 335 when you can have this great and unusual axe!

phantom guitar works usa vox teardrop mkiii mark 3

A faithful reproduction of the original Vox Teardrop, only much better and cheaper!

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    Mark E. Wynne Says:

    I have one of those remaining lefty Brian Jones Teardrop models, but I have the White Tone and Volume knobs on mine. It may be the coolest guitar design ever made…

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