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8 September, 2010

I bought this awesome Epiphone Firebird SG 400 left handed in a pawn shop in Texas for $155 including shipping! Although it has a few scratches I consider that it is in perfect condition… It was made in China but the build quality is excellent. This guitar is extremely cool and I love the easy access to the upper frets. I can say without hesitation that this Epiphone SG is as good as any Gibson SG made in USA… I will do some upgrades but actually not many because this guitar is already excellent… I will change the bridge, the nut and the pots, that’s about it… The pickups are excellent and the Grover tuners are also good so no need to spend too much money! The finish is still very good and only requires a serious polishing with some major elbow grease!

epiphone sg 400 lefty

A beautiful guitar indeed with a cherry red finish

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