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Finally! After lots of time and efforts my custom made left handed Gibson Maestro Lyre Vibrola tremolo comb is done! It is a unique piece for a quite unique guitar and I can’t wait to install it on my Epiphone Firebird… For those who don’t understand the situation, left handed Epiphone Firebirds are using a right handed string comb which means the tremolo arm is facing up! Nonsense! Not to mention it is an insult to left handed people! I did find an original Gibson left handed tremolo comb (probably from an Elliot Easton SG) but it is chrome plated and made from zinc alloy… I couldn’t find a company able to gold plate a non magnetic alloy so I decided to make my own from steel and by doing so not only improve tone and sustain but also be able to have it gold plated! The funny thing is that during the time it took to make the steel comb I found a company able to plate the original Gibson one in gold! So in the end I have 2 left handed gold string combs, one from zinc alloy and one from steel! My next step is to compare the tone and sustain of the 2 and see if steel is better than zinc… After all that holds true for Stratocasters so why should it be different with the Maestro Lyre Vibrola! Time will tell and I will make sure to post my findings!

maestro lyre vibrola tremolo from Gibson