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Dan Altilio of Top Gear Guitar shows us this incredibly nice reproduction of the Adam Clayton Popmart bass, an instrument built for him by master luthier Jerry Auerswald of Germany… Scott, the owner of this great bass guitar belongs to a U2 tribute band and he commissioned Dan to build his latest dream instrument… As usual Dan went out of his way to make sure the quality is second to none and the result speaks for itself! Scott will certainly be happy with it and I wouldn’t be surprised to see more of this bass guitar on YouTube very soon!

U2 Adam Clayton’s Popmart bass high quality reproduction by Top Gear Guitar!

The Mighty Strat is essentially a Fender Stratocaster on steroids! I wanted sort of an Ibanez PGM 300 RE guitar but more versatile so after discussing things with Dan Altilio of Top Gear Guitar in San Diego, I opted for the Dimarzio PAF JOE in the bridge position, the Dimarzio FS1 in the middle and the Dimarzio PAF PRO in the neck… Combined with a custom S1 Fender switching system and an all steel tremolo this guitar rocks like there is no tomorrow! The body and the neck are from the company Mighty Mite, hence the name Mighty Strat! I bought the neck and body separately from 2 different people and I really scored on both! The quality of the wood, the finish, the frets are truly amazing… This guitar is very comfortable to play and the body’s wood is so nice that I decided to keep it as natural as possible and I will only clear-coat it with a satin waterborne clear… I decided not to use stain and keep this guitar as natural as possible since Mighty Mite was nice enough to go out of their way to make this body so nice! I will soon post some pics and videos about this truly great guitar, stay tuned!

The Mighty Strat really deserves its name!