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This awesome guitar was built by Dan Altilio of Top Gear Guitar in San Diego, California… It has the body of the Fender Jaguar and the features of the Fender Stratocaster! It is outfitted with Dimarzio area 58 and 61 noiseless pickups, a Callaham tremolo, HipShot tuners, a Graph Tech nut, a Fender Eric Clapton pre-amp and a candy apple red paint job with matching headstock… Check out the photos and the upcoming article and videos…

Custom electric guitar based on Fender Stratocaster and Jaguar

When my friend and guitar teacher Luis told me about his frustration trying to find a good guitar at a decent price I immediately advised him to keep his Yamaha and modify it to get exactly what he wants… Anyone shopping for a guitar knows that you have to try a lot of them before finding something suitable… For example, I have 5 Stratocasters and they all sound different so imagine when you go to a shop and there are hundreds of guitars! Besides, his Yamaha Pacifica has soul! He’s had it for 15 years and traveled all over the world with it… Of course 15 years of hard playing put a toll on his instrument but after close inspection, nothing that cannot be resolved… Luis likes the vintage Stratocaster sound so I turned him on to the Dimarzio Area pickups… He listened to a few samples and fell in love with the combo 58, 61, 67… That being the starting point we kept going back and forth to figure out what other features Luis was interested in… After Luis tried a few of my guitars he decided on a few more cool things such as EVO frets, Clapton pre-amp, HipShot tuners etc… Don’t forget to read the full article!

Werewolf Pat talks about a 1995 Yamaha Pacifica that is in serious need of a pimpin’!

Phil X is a talented guitarist and very cool guy! I contacted him after watching his demo videos for Fretted Americana, a Los Angeles based shop specializing in rare vintage instruments. Phil goes there once every few weeks to demo a handful of instruments… Other than that Phil is a highly respected session musician working with pretty much all famous musicians in the Los Angeles area… He also has his own band “The Drills” and writes music for TV, radio etc… Phil kindly accepted my request for interview and invited me over to his house in Los Angeles… We spoke about his work, his plans and the Evil Robot, an amplifier modeled after the Tone Master, an amp that a lot of people are crazy for! At the end of the interview, I challenged Phil to play one of my left handed Stratocasters upside down! Not an easy thing to do when you never tried! Phil was able to figure it out in a few minutes and he played the chords almost perfectly! Phil is the man! Since YouTube only accepts 15 minute videos and the interview is well over 30 minutes, I had to split it in 3 segments… Check it out and send your comments!

Phil X interview, part 01

Phil X interview, part 02

Phil X interview, part 03

Phil X talks about music, the Tone Master amp and tries out one of my lefty Fender Stratocasters!

Al Farnell specializes in composite guitar bodies. He uses high tech epoxies and foams, not to be confused with plastic! Making such guitar bodies is not easy and requires a lot of research, trial and error, modifications etc… I must say I was impressed with the quality of his guitars because they look great, are very light but are also very comfortable to play… The concept is very interesting and not only his guitars are really lightweight but they sound excellent… He uses a lot of proven parts such as Gotoh tuners, bridges, Graph Tech nuts, Sperzel tuners, EMG active pickups etc… As of now his guitar necks are standard wood construction but he told me he has been experimenting with composite necks but wants to retain a wood fingerboard and probably switch to stainless steel frets… We wish Al great success and look forward to the next Farnell guitars!

Al talks about his composite guitar bodies and his plans for the future!