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I drove down to Los Angeles to meet with Doug Rowell, an artist who specializes in guitar carving… Doug has been sculpting guitars for about 40 years and prior to that he was a musician and experienced the Summer of Love as well as the famous Monterey Pop Festival in 1967, a place where Jimi Hendrix was introduced to the American public… Doug also had the privilege of jamming with Janis Joplin and Big Brother and The Holding Company and many more artists… One of his first carving jobs was a banjo he did for actor Steve Martin and since then he has done many interesting pieces! Stay tuned for a photo gallery of some of Doug’s guitars!

Doug Rowell shows us his latest creation: a Fender Telecaster

Merry Christmas to all! I just posted this video that I shot in Santa Barbara last month… I was there hanging out for a few days preparing my upcoming interviews… Everything I am talking about in this video I ended up doing and I must say that everyone I interviewed was absolutely great! I would like to thank Phil X, Al Farnell, Doug Rowell and Dan Altilio for their kindness and patience! I hope you will find the videos informative and please, don’t forget to send your comments!

Werewolf Pat hangs out at the Santa Barbara harbor and talks about upcoming interviews…