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I ordered this incredible guitar from Phantom Guitar Works in USA… It is a left handed version of the famous Brian Jones Vox Teardrop Mark III, an electric guitar that became the epitome of Rock legend of the Sixties! Vox built 4 prototypes of this particular model based on Brian’s feedback and some of his requirements were for only 2 pickups with the bridge pickup mounted as close to the bridge as possible, one tone and one volume, a 3 way switch and the head stock was to be painted white, like the body… The result is a surprisingly awesome guitar with sort of a Fender Telecaster sound plus of course its own totally far out design! Phantom Guitar Works owns the trademarks for some of the classic Vox guitars of the 60’s and the owner Jack Charles is a great guy to deal with… They offer a wide range of Vox reproduction guitars and they are of much higher quality than the original Vox and much cheaper too! I am so pleased with their product that I already ordered another Teardrop but this time it will be a lefty Triburst hollow body model with a tremolo… As of this writing only 5 left handed units will be made and mine is the second so it means only 3 are left!!! If you are left handed and have around $1100 I strongly suggest you contact Jack Charles and get one before it is too late! Why spend more than 3 grand on a Gibson ES 335 when you can have this great and unusual axe!

phantom guitar works usa vox teardrop mkiii mark 3

A faithful reproduction of the original Vox Teardrop, only much better and cheaper!

Fender just announced a new line of electric guitars: the Blacktop series. They basically took their existing models and modified them to be more like Gibson or Epiphone guitars! I love Fender guitars and I think this was long overdue! Only a few models were previously available with humbuckers but this is now a thing of the past and you can now buy a Stratocaster, Telecaster, Jaguar or Jazzmaster fitted with quality humbuckers… I am now looking more closely into the features of these new guitars and will post a complete article very soon… In the meantime enjoy these photos courtesy of Fender USA.

fender blacktop series electric guitars

Fender Stratocaster, Telecaster, Jaguar and Jazzmaster with humbuckers

It may be an inexpensive guitar but it is nevertheless a very good one! The neck is very comfortable and the quality of the finish is amazing considering its price range… The cherry sunburst is very nice and lets you see some of the wood underneath… Of course they had to cut corners but overall this guitar is very good! I have planned some major modifications for her and the list is quite long! I got a lot of parts on Ebay for excellent prices so in the end the cost of upgrading this Les Paul will not be bad at all… Here is my plan: Dimarzio D-Activators passive pickups, CTS matched pot set with Sprague Orange capacitors assembled with silver wire, a Graph Tech Tusq XL nut, a set of Hip Shot locking tuners, a Graph Tech Resomax NVS Tune O Matic bridge, a Graph Tech NVT tail piece, a switch craft high quality jack output, steel neck inserts and a deep neck contouring with metal ferules in place of standard neck plate… I haven’t decided on the paint job yet but I intend to keep some red on this baby since the neck is so comfortable that I don’t want to have to re-paint it! Inspiration will come when I start with this project!

epiphone les paul 100 left handed

A lot of cool mods planned for this very nice Epiphone Les Paul!

I searched hard but I found one! I couldn’t be happier to find such a fine example of the famous Fender Telecaster. This one is made in Mexico in 2002 but it is flawless and sounds excellent… It needs a good setup and a nice set of strings and it is ready to rock! I do not plan any massive mods on this one, it is almost perfect as it is… I am considering installing steel inserts in the neck to improve sustain but I will give myself time to think about it! In the meantime enjoy the photos!

left handed fender telecaster sunburst

Fine specimen of the Fender Telecaster in sunburst color

This lefty MIM black Fender Stratocaster is a prime example of a high quality yet inexpensive guitar… After doing a comparison test with an expensive USA made Strat we came to the conclusion that Mexican Strats can be as good as USA Strats… Keep in mind that this is not a rule! In any case and even with the USA models it is highly recommended to try many different Stratocasters (or any model actually) until you find one that sounds exactly as you want! There are noticeable differences between guitars of the same brand or model. With this beauty I got lucky but regardless I will pimp it to make it even better! I will start with a set of Dimarzio area 58, 61 and 67 noiseless pickups, a Graph Tech Tusq XL nut and a Callaham tremolo block mounted on the stock assembly. I will also slightly contour the heel using a genuine Fender left handed contoured neck plate and since the body is black I may be lucky and only have to repaint the heel section of the guitar and try to blend it in with the rest of the body but if it doesn’t work, I’ll have to repaint it completely… No big deal, just more work!

lefty fender stratocaster black

Beautiful black Fender Stratocaster for a very low price!

This very cool MIM (made in Mexico) Fender Stratocaster has seen a lot of action since its birth in 1998… Its previous owner played the hell out of it and that’s very cool because a guitar should be played! The paint is still excellent but the frets show some wear and the neck’s clear coat is starting to peel… Nothing major but I decided it is time to rejuvenate this baby! I have quite a few plans for her and unlike my SG-400, I will do a lot of mods… I will start with an ebony fingerboard and some 6105 stainless steel frets, some Sperzel locking machine heads, a Graph Tech Tusq XL nut, a Callaham tremolo assembly, Lace Alumitone pickups mounted on a custom pick-guard with a modified Fender S1 switching system… The neck to body joint will be based on the Ibanez system which favors ferules instead of a steel plate… This system allows deep contouring of the heel for great access to upper frets… I will also notch the lower horn a la Herman Li to further improve upper fret access… Read full article for more info!

fender stratocaster made in mexico MIM

This great veteran Strat is ready for some serious pimpin'

8 September, 2010

I bought this awesome Epiphone Firebird SG 400 left handed in a pawn shop in Texas for $155 including shipping! Although it has a few scratches I consider that it is in perfect condition… It was made in China but the build quality is excellent. This guitar is extremely cool and I love the easy access to the upper frets. I can say without hesitation that this Epiphone SG is as good as any Gibson SG made in USA… I will do some upgrades but actually not many because this guitar is already excellent… I will change the bridge, the nut and the pots, that’s about it… The pickups are excellent and the Grover tuners are also good so no need to spend too much money! The finish is still very good and only requires a serious polishing with some major elbow grease!

epiphone sg 400 lefty

A beautiful guitar indeed with a cherry red finish

5 September, 2010

If you ever wondered how to find out what size pot your guitar has, search no longer! Check out my full size diagram plus some other potentiometer photos including matched pot sets from Germany and USA plus the great Fender TBX kit… you can also read the full article here: Click here for full article on guitar pots.

guitar potentiometers fender tbx tone kit

A comprehensive diagram to help you identify your guitar pot's size